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Family should be the best support system anyone could have. Our family members are the people we spend most of or all our lives with and have created strong bonds, beliefs, and learned behaviors. These relationships are critical to a successful lifestyle that impacts our lives forever and even influences the way we manage our individual households and families.

Given the complexities of family dynamics, such as:

  • Nuclear Family
  • Single-Parent Family
  • Extended Family
  • Childless Family
  • Grandparent Family
  • Stepfamily
  • Blended Family
  • Same-Sex Family

This can be the difference between a Functional and Dysfunctional Family depending on the management of Love, Care, Respect, Resources, Economics, and Faith. Other potential complications such as Racial, Cultural, Educational, Health, and Social Status are impactful and require significant Coping Skills.

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Dr. Cecil Poe Therapist/Counselor

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Dr. Cecil Poe

Therapist /Counselor

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Mrs. Addie Poe Nurse, Mental Health Coach

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The Executive Team

Mrs. Addie Poe

Nurse, Mental Health Coach

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