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Who We Are

We firmly believe that all things are possible for those who are seeking to achieve. Success is often accomplished with critiqued caring and considerate professional support; resulting in an independent, renewed lifestyle.

Starting with a thorough assessment of spiritual, emotional, character, lifestyle, and underlying issues to establish mutually achievable goals. This process will reveal the appropriate type of individual services required. Flexible alternatives and options are considered, based on evidence of progress to acquire primary objectives.

Our main focus is to assure the client of their premier status through establishing a therapeutic relationship of confidentiality, the confidence of success, and facilitation at an individual’s cadence. The client will receive individual judicious effort, care, and clarity of applicable steps to navigate throughout the counseling process.

– Dr. Cecil Poe & Mrs. Addie Poe

What We Do

We provide psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals who need a trustworthy support system. We cater to clients’ requests, such as doing the session in different settings depending on their convenience. Our behavioral health counseling in Stonecrest, Georgia is available in person or online via teletherapy. We value our clients’ overall health, which is why we make sure that we meet their needs and expectations. We make professionalism and confidentially a priority.

Our Mission

It is our mission to support individuals who require behavioral and counseling services wherever they are. We understand where they are coming from, and we believe that through our guidance and support, they can improve their lives for the better. It has always been our passion to build strong relationships with everyone we meet by providing them with a wholesome and nonjudgmental environment.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the best providers of behavioral health and counseling services. We hope to witness numerous lives being changed because of our care and support.

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Dr. Cecil Poe Therapist/Counselor

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The Executive Team

Dr. Cecil Poe

Therapist /Counselor

I can assess and provide you with the counseling and behavioral health care service you require.

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Mrs. Addie Poe Nurse, Mental Health Coach

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The Executive Team

Mrs. Addie Poe

Nurse, Mental Health Coach

To improve your well-being, take advantage of the services we provide.