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Lifestyle changes are a result of focus and practice. One who looks intently and puts it into effect will be blessed (James 1:25). It is one thing to define an experience and another thing to walk in it. To walk in it, you must focus on it and intentionally practice it for a while until it becomes a natural, instinctive part of your life. HUMAN Spirituality refers to a personal connection with a higher power, energy, divinity, and/or consciousness, which can provide a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in one’s own life.

Teaming up with counselors, coaches, and others lets you gain skills more quickly. In-depth training on these realities is available through CAPOE LLC. It is very beneficial to engage in religious/spiritual practices and seek spiritual advice for mental health challenges, as well as additional life concerns. Overall, investing in spiritual growth adds great advantages to a person’s life, and a Christian counselor may aid in the development of spiritual well-being.

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Dr. Cecil Poe Therapist/Counselor

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Dr. Cecil Poe

Therapist /Counselor

I can assess and provide you with the counseling and behavioral health care service you require.

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Mrs. Addie Poe Nurse, Mental Health Coach

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The Executive Team

Mrs. Addie Poe

Nurse, Mental Health Coach

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